Original Article

Macular evaluation on posterior capsulorhexis cases with optical coherence tomography - Original Article

  • Mümin Hakan Eren
  • Kemran Gök
  • Ercüment Bozkurt
  • Ahmet Taylan Yazici
  • Umut Akbas
  • Sinan Albayrak
  • Ömer Faruk Yilmaz

Turk J Ophthalmol 2009;39(1):17-22

Purpose: Prospective comparison developing of postoperative macular edema and that central macular volume and macular thickness between of patients whom had made of posterior continue capsulorhexis (PCC) procedure and not made. Material and Method: In Beyoglu Eye Hospital 35 eyes of 32 patients had phaco + IOL implantation surgery, 39 eyes of 35 patients had phaco +IOL implantation + PCC surgery. All of the patients preoperative and postoperative visual acuity have been recorded. Patients' central macular thickness and volume have been compared with postoperative findings on OCT. Findings: This study consisted of two groups. Each group included 13 females and 19 males.Group of PCC mean age was 68,5 and group of non-PCC mean age was 69,5. Average preoperative macular thickness respectively were 202, 199µ and macular volumes were 6.70³, 6.82 mm³.The group of non-PCC postoperative macular thickness on 1rst week, 1rst and 3 rd month respectively were 205, 215, 212; and group of PCC postoperative macular thickness were 203, 207, 198µ. In the first group macular volumes respectively were 6.74, 7.12, 7.16 mm³; and group of PCC macular volumes were 7.01, 7.14, 7.29 mm³. In the both groups VA increased significantly on postoperative three months according to the preoperative visual acuity.In the both groups preoperative central macular thickness and volumes increased significantly on postoperative 1rst and 3rd month. Howewer, with relation to statistics have not been determined to difference of significantly between the group of PCC and the non-PCC through preoperative and postoperative during the follow-up time on central macular thickness and central macular volume. Conclusion: We have established that postoperative developing of macular edema has not increased comparing to the non-PCC group.We have determined that the procedure of PCC to be safety of macular complications.

Keywords: posterior capsulorhexis, macular thickness, maculer volume, Optic coherence tomography