Original Article

Diurnal Variation of Anterior Chamber Flare


  • Mehmet Adam
  • Mehmet Okka
  • Banu Turgut Öztürk
  • Banu Bozkurt
  • Hürkan Kerimoglu
  • Hamiyet Pekel
  • Süleyman Okudan

Received Date: 17.07.2014 Accepted Date: 07.10.2014 Turk J Ophthalmol 2015;45(2):52-55


To investigate the ideal time and reproducibility of anterior chamber flare measurements.

Ma­te­ri­als and Met­hods:

Anterior chamber flare measurements were performed with laser flaremetre device at 8 am to 45 volunteers and these measurements were repeated on the same day at 12 pm and 4 pm.


Twenty-five (55.5%) of the volunteers were women and 20 (44.5%) were men; mean age was 28.67±7.40 (18-49) years. The mean anterior chamber flare measurements taken following the ophthalmologic examination were 5.94±1.41 foton/msn at 8 am, 5.65±1.45 foton/msn at 12 pm, and 5.79±1.20 foton/msn at 4 pm. No statistical difference was found between the measurements (p=0.08). Subgroup analysis according to eye color, revealed no significant difference between flare measurements in brown, hazel, and green eyes (p=0.21). Correlation analysis demonstrated association between age and all flare measurements within the day (r=0.24, p=0.03; r=0.41, p=0.01, r=0.27, p=0.01).


Conclusion: No significant diurnal change was detected in the flare measurements of our study subjects but positive correlation with age was observed. Hence, all flare measurements within a day are reliable and have high repeatability in healthy subjects.

Keywords: Anterior chamber flare, diurnal variation, laser flaremetre

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