Original Article

Comparasion of Orbscan II Topography and Ultrasound Biometry in the Measurement of Anterior Chamber Depth - Original Article

  • Özgür Zengin
  • Özlem Barut Selver
  • Zeynep Özbek
  • Aylin Yaman
  • Ismet Durak

Turk J Ophthalmol 2009;39(1):27-31

Purpose: To compare the Orbscan II topography and ultrasound biometry for the measurement of anterior chamber depth (ACD). Material and Methods: Seventy-four eyes of forty patients who were evaluated for routine cataract surgery at the Department of Ophthalmology Dokuz Eylul University School Of Medicine were included in the study. ACD and AL values were measured with Orbscan II topography and ultrasound biometry.The paired t-test and Pearson correlation analysis were used in the statistical analysis. Results: Average ACD value was 3,33 mm ± 0,41 (2,66-4,33) with the Orbscan II and 3,05 ± 0,40 mm (2,00-3,91) with the ultrasound biometry. The difference between two methods was statistically significant. The correlation between two methods was intermediate. Conclusion: Certain ACD measurements are supposed to decide IOL power and position and to prevent endothelial cell damage in cataract surgery and phakic intraocular lens implantation. The difference between ACD and AL measurements with Orbscan II and ultrasound biometry is statistically significant, this difference may be clinically important.

Keywords: Anterior chamber deepth, Orbscan II topography, ultrasound biometry