Retinal Injuries not Necessitating Surgical Treatment


  • Gökhan Özdemir

Turk J Ophthalmol 2012;42(1):36-40

Retinal injuries may cause severe visual loss. Along with surgically managed injuries, sometimes retinal traumas which is treated medically may be encountered during routine clinic. Birmingham Eye Trauma Terminology system is currently used in retinal injuries. Retinal contusion, choroidal rupture and optic nevre avulsions, caused by direct ocular trauma not necessitating surgery, can range from simple troubles to severe visual losses, sometimes. Distant trauma may have adverse effect on the eye. Among these, Purtscher’s retinopathy, Terson’s syndrome and Valsalva retinopathy may be counted. The explanations for distant ocular trauma includes microembolism theory or increased intra-luminal pressure. As in shaken baby syndrome, retinal injuries may be associated along with profound systemic problems and in this case, opthalmologist should inform the judicial mechanisms. The opthalmologist should give supportive methods for retinal injuries requiring medical treatment to protect the vision. As well as therapy, preventive measures should also be sought to protect from retinal injuries and satisfactory pracautions should be taken in work force and sports. Thus, losses in social work force and economics coming from visual loss may be prevented. Studies to increase social awareness will be usefull in this context.

Keywords: Birmingham eye trauma terminology, direct ocular trauma, distant ocular trauma, medical therapy, retinal injury

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