Case Report

Periocular Pilomatrixoma


  • Ebru Çakirli
  • Bülent Yazici
  • Tansu Gönen
  • Saduman Balaban Adim

Received Date: 22.01.2010 Accepted Date: 24.03.2010 Turk J Ophthalmol 2010;40(3):187-189

Pilomatrixoma is a rare tumor of hair-follicle origin. It occurs most commonly in the cheek and neck region, and in young patients, but rarely develops on or around the eyelids. Because of its clinical features, pilomatrixoma is often confused with other skin tumors. In this report, we present 4 patients with periocular pilomatrixoma diagnosed in our clinic in a period of 6 years. The patients, three female and one male, were 8, 23, 55 and 83 years of age. The lesions were located in the upper eyelid in 2 patients, in the inferior periorbital region in 1 patient, and in the medial periorbital region in 1 patient. After surgical excision and repair, tumor recurrence did not develop in any patient throughout the follow-up period. (TOD Journal 2010; 40: 187-9)

Keywords: Eyelid, pilomatrixoma, benign tumor

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