Original Article

Patient Satisfaction After Penetrating Keratoplasty


  • Melis Palamar Onay
  • Sait Eğrilmez
  • Bekir Baturhan Civan
  • Ayşe Yağcı

Received Date: 28.02.2013 Accepted Date: 16.05.2013 Turk J Ophthalmol 2013;43(5):348-352


To evaluate the patient satisfaction after penetrating keratoplasty (PK).

Material and Method:

A 15-question survey was given to 100 consecutive patients who had undergone PK in our clinic. Quality of life, expectancy and result satisfaction of the patients were graded.


Mean age of the 100 (52 female, 48 male) consequtive patients who participated in the survey was 47.2±21.5 (10-85) years. Mean follow-up time of the patients after PK was 26.1±26.0 months, with a minimum of 12 months. The indications of PK were keratoconus (27%), bullous keratopathy (26%), keratitis sequela (25%), corneal dystrophy (12%), and trauma sequela (10%). Mean preoperative visual acuity was counting fingers from 3 meters (light perception - 0.3), whereas mean postoperative visual acuity was 0.4 (light perception - 1.0) (p<0.01). Seventy seven percent of the patients declared that prior to PK, they expected to see better after the transplantation. Seventy percent of the patients expressed that their quality of life was better after transplantation. No statistically significant correlation of patient satisfaction with gender, age and preoperative visual acuity was detected (p>0.05). Final visual acuity was the only statistically significant parameter (p=0.01). When patient satisfaction was grouped according to indications, the ranking was as keratitis sequela, corneal dystrophy, trauma sequela, keratoconus, and bullous keratopathy.


The sole parameter in the means of patient satisfaction after PK was found to be the final visual acuity. For this reason, every patient who will undergo PK should be specifically informed according to indication. Moreover, these patients should also be enlightened about the potential final visual acuity and probable postoperative problems.

Keywords: Satisfaction, penetrating keratoplasty, quality of life

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