• Berna Başarır
  • Çiğdem Altan

Received Date: 16.05.2013 Accepted Date: 23.07.2013 Turk J Ophthalmol 2014;44(1):68-71

Heterochromia is a condition of color difference between the two eyes. It is composed by the words heteros (different) and chromos (color). It can either be sporadic or benign but also can be an indicator of an eye disease. The abnormal iris can be hypochrome or hyperchrome. It can be congenital or acquired. Some diseases such as Horner syndrome, Fuchs’ heterochromic iridocyclitis, oculodermal melanocytosis, Waardenburg syndrome, unilateral topical use of prostaglandins, siderosis can be an etiological factor of heterochromia.

Keywords: Heterochromia, iris

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