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Corneal tissue welding of clear corneal cut with infrared laser irradiation at different wavelengths - Original Article

  • Rıfat Rasier
  • Mediha Özeren
  • Halil Özgür Artunay
  • Halil Bahçecioğlu
  • İsmail Seçkin
  • Hamit Kalaycıoğlu
  • Adnan Kurt
  • Alphan Şennaroğlu
  • Murat Gülsoy

Received Date: 19.06.2009 Accepted Date: 20.06.2009 Turk J Ophthalmol 2009;39(5):339-347


The aim of the study is to investigate the potential of infrared lasers for cornea welding in order to seal corneal cuts done during cataract surgery.


Clear corneal cuts were done with precalibrated 3.2mm knife on bovine eyes. Diode lasers (809-nm and 980-nm), YLF laser (1070-nm) and Tm: YAP laser (1980-nm) were applied on full thickness corneal tissue of freshly enucleated 40 bovine eyes. Optimal laser power, wavelength and exposure time parameters for immediate closure with minimal thermal damage was estimated through histological examination of welded samples with hematoxylin-eosin staining. Ten corneas with 1070-nm and ten corneas with 1980-nm wavelengths were compared with best paremeters.


Full thickness welding results to sample sizes were the following: 2 out of 7 with 809-nm diode laser; 2 out of 7 with 980-nm diode laser; 2 out of 3 with 1070-nm YLF; and 4 out of 6 with 1980-nm Tm: YAP laser. According to histologic examination 1070-nm and 1980-nm wavelengths which results had less carbonization and less change in substantia cornea compard; 5 out of 10 corneas were full thickness welded with 1070-nm and 4 out of 10 corneas were partial welded with 1980- nm.


Our study suggested that 809nm diode laser welding in association with the topical application of ICG is a valid method for the closure of corneal tissues but 908-nm, 1070-nm diode laser and 1980-nm Tm: YAP laser welding without topical application of any chromophores are other promising options and have a great potential for corneal laser welding.

Keywords: 809-nm diode laser, 980-nm diode laser, 1070-nm YLF laser, 1980-nm Tm: YAP laser, laser tissue welding

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