Original Article

Amniotic Membrane Transplantation in Moorne’s Ulcer

  • Ümit Beden
  • İnci Güngör
  • Serdar Kuruca
  • Yüksel Süllü
  • Dilek Erkan
  • İhsan Öğe

Turk J Ophthalmol 2007;37(5):338-341


To report the treatment of a case with Mooren’s ulcer and spontaneous corneal perforation by fresh amniotic membrane transplantation.


A male patient (69 years of age) suffering from pain and redness in his reight eye for one week was admitted and hospitalised with the diagnosis of Mooren’s ulcer with typical clinical appearance. There was spontaneous corneal peforation with iris prolapsus and shallow anterior chamber. The visual acuity was at the level of counting fingers.


Infectious and immunologic laboratory evaluation revealed no particular finding. Treatment was ineffective with sistemic steroids, and antibiotics, and topical cyclosporin, antibiotics, and lubricating agents. The size of corneal perforation increased with resistant inflammation in spite of use of bandage contact lens, and three layers of fresh amniotic membrane transplantation was performed for tectonic purposes. After the procedure, clinical findings improved and inflammation subsided. All the medications were stopped, and the patient was free of recurrence at the end of one-year follow-up period.


Amniotic membrane transplantation can be quite useful in management of Mooren’s ulcer. It can be beneficial in controlling the inflammation in addition to being an effective measure for tectonic purposes.

Keywords: Mooren’s ulcer, Amniotic membrane transplantation