Original Article

The Evaluation of the Systemic and the Electron Microscopic Features in a Case With Christmas tree Cataracts - Original Article

  • Betül Çakmak Tugcu
  • Ismail Seçkin
  • Firat Helvacioglu
  • Pelin Ertürküner
  • Sadik Sencan

Turk J Ophthalmol 2007;37(5):-

Purpose: To investigate the systemic and the electron microscopic features of a patient with Christmas tree cataract. Methods: Ophthalmologic and systemic examinations of a 48 year old male patient with bilateral Christmas tree cataracts, were performed. Medical history about systemic diseases and chronic drug usage was evaluated. Laboratory analyses of blood and urine samples were obtained. After radiological examinations and EMG, final consultations were made with the departments of the internal medicine, neurology and physical rehabilitation. On 02.02.05 right PECCE+IOL operation was performed. The materials from the capsule, cortex and the nucleus were taken during the surgery. These materials were examined by the Zeiss EM 10 electron microscopy at the histology and embryology department of Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty. Results: In the ophthalmologic examination, the cataracts which formed by the needle like, highly light reflective structures resembling the broken glass between nucleus and deep cortex were found to be the only pathologies causing visual loss. The systemic, radiological examinations and the laboratory analyses of blood and urine samples were all in normal limits. There were no pathologies found in the consultations. The EM showed us the formation of the myelin like expansions at the intercellular space in the deep cortical areas and near the nucleus. Conclusions: The clinic, systemic, metabolic and the electron microscopic evaluation of these kind of rare cataracts might help us to understand the pathogenesis of the Christmas tree cataracts.

Keywords: Christmas tree cataracts, nuclear crystals, electron microscopy