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The Evaluation of Macular Thickness Changes Measured by Optic Coherens Tomography After Uneventful Phacoemulsification Surgery in Patients with and without Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome


  • Ulviye Yigit
  • Sule Keskin
  • Ahmet Agaçhan
  • Betül Çakmak Tugcu

Received Date: 27.05.2011 Accepted Date: 13.06.2012 Turk J Ophthalmol 2012;42(5):321-325


To evaluate the changes in macular thickness measured with Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography (FD-OCT) following uneventful phacoemulsification surgery in patients with and without pseudoexfoliation syndrome (PES).

Ma­te­ri­al and Met­hod:

76 eyes of 68 patients planned for phacoemulsification surgery were included in our prospective study. The patients were divided into two groups: Group A - 38 eyes with PES and Group B - 38 eyes without additional pathology. Cases with peroperative complication were not included. At the end of the surgery, ultrasound time (UST), effective phaco time (EPT) and the average percentage phaco power (AVG) were noted. Ophthalmologic examination was performed and macular thickness was measured by FD-OCT at 1 week, 1 and 6 months after surgery. Age, EPT, UST, AVG and macula thickness changes with OCT were statistically evaluated using student’s t-test and Mann-Whitney U test.


The mean age was 71.2±9.01 years; 33 patients (48.5%) were female and 35 (51.5%) - male. There was no statistically significant difference in age, EPT, UST, AVG values between the groups (p>0.05). There was no statistically significant increase in central macular thickness, foveal, parafoveal and perifoveal macular thickness at first week in both groups (p>0.05). Perifoveal and parafoveal macular thicknesses in the PES group were found statistically lower than in the control group at first and sixth months (p: 0.006, p: 0.010, p: 0.036, p: 0.009).


PES was not found to be a risk factor for subclinical macular thickness increase or cystoid macular edema after uneventful phacoemulsification surgery. (Turk J Ophthalmol 2012; 42: 321-5)

Keywords: Pseudoexfoliation syndrome, phacoemulsification surgery, optical coherence tomography, macular thickness

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