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The alterations of the anterior chamber parameters measured with pentacam with age in healthy subjects - Original Article

  • Sinan Emre
  • Bekir Koç
  • Selim Doğanay
  • Saim Yoloğlu

Received Date: 01.04.2008 Accepted Date: 03.08.2008 Turk J Ophthalmol 2008;38(6):452-458


To determine the mean values and standard deviations of anterior chamber parameters with pentacam and evaluate the alterations of these parameters with age.


224 eyes of 112 patients with just basic refractive errors were included in this study. After complete ophthalmologic examination of patients, under standard conditions anterior chamber parameters were measured with pentacam. Central corneal thickness (CCT), anterior chamber depth (ACD), corneal volume (CV), anterior chamber volume (ACV), anterior chamber angle (ACA), and also horizontal, vertical and mean keratometry values were recorded with pentacam.


55 female and 57 male patients were included in this study. Mean age of patients was 28.57. Mean of the keratometric measurements was 43.1 D. Mean values for CCT, ACD, CV, ACV and ACA were 534 μm, 3.14 mm, 59.77 mm 3, 190.26 mm3, 36.88°, respectively. Evaluation of parameters according to gender and eye distribution did not reveale any difference. Analysis the effect of age on CCT, ACD, CV, ACV and ACA parameters documented statistical significance (p<0.005) and correlation coefficents were r=-0.185, -0.373, -0.263, -0.320,-0.264, respectively.


This study documented the negative effect of age on the anterior chamber parameters with different correlation coefficients.

Keywords: Age, central corneal thickness, anterior chamber depth, corneal volume, anterior chamber volume, anterior chamber angle, pentacam

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