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Risc Factors, Screening and Treatment Results of Retinopathy of Premature - Original Article

  • Banu Turgut Öztürk
  • Hürkan Kerimoglu
  • Zeynep Büyükbas
  • Ali Annagür
  • Mehmet Okka
  • Ahmet Özkagnici

Received Date: 15.09.2009 Accepted Date: 24.09.2009 Turk J Ophthalmol 2009;39(6):446-452

Purpose: To determine the incidence, risc factors and treatment results of retinopathy of premature (ROP) among premature infants followed in our clinic. Methods: The examination findings of premature infants followed in our clinic between December 2006 –August 2009 are evaluated. The incidence of ROP, its stage and the rate of infants who warranted treatment was determined following the grouping according to birth weight and gestational age. The hospital registrations of eighty-nine infants followed up in our neonatal unit are screened for respiratory distres syndrome (RDS), mechanical ventilation treatment, sepsis. In addition the treatment results and complications of Argon laser treatment are evaluated. Results: The mean gestational age and the mean birth weight of the 221 premature infants included in our study was 30.69±2.48 (23-36) weeks and 1513.75 ± 471.73 (700-3278) gr, respectively. ROP was detected in 33.5% (74/221) of premature infants followed up. Regarding the gestational age the incidence was highest among infants born before 28 weeks (54.90 %) and regarding the birth weight the incidence was highest in premature infants less than 1000gr (61.8%). Statistical analysis revealed a significant relationship between birth weight, gestational age and ROP (p Conclusion: As a multifactorial disease ROP composes a great risc of blindness for infants with small gestational age and low birth weight, however Argon laser treatment of eyes with ROP seems to be an effective and safe alternative.

Keywords: Retinopathy of premature, screening results, treatment results, laser treatment

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