Case Report

Peripheral Retinal Vasculitis Associated with Lyme Disease


  • Ilkay Kiliç
  • Yonca Aydin Akova
  • Altug Çetinkaya
  • Esra Hülya Suveren
  • Esra Baskin

Received Date: 14.01.2010 Accepted Date: 17.12.2010 Turk J Ophthalmol 2011;41(2):121-124

To report peripheral retinal vasculitis in a case of Lyme disease. Peripheral retinal vasculitis was seen in a symptom-free patient, and a diagnosis of Lyme disease was made based on clinical, angiographic and laboratory findings. Lyme disease, although rarely encountered, should be taken into consideration when determining the etiology in cases of peripheral retinal vasculitis. (Turk J Ophthalmol 2011; 41: 121-4)

Keywords: Lyme disease, retinal vasculitis, treatment

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