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Our results of Nd: YAG laser posterior hyaloidotomy in patients with subhyaloid hemorrhages - Original Article

  • Tamer Eryiğit
  • Esra Kasapoğlu
  • Fevzi Akkan
  • Kadir Eltutar

Turk J Ophthalmol 2009;39(3):211-215


To investigate the results of Nd: YAG laser posterior hyaloidotomy in patients with premacular subhyaloid hemorrhage.


In this retrospective study, 8 eyes with premacular subhyaloid hemorrhage were included. 6 of cases (75%) were male and 2 (25%) were female. 4 cases were secondary to valsalva retinopathy (50%), 3 cases were secondary to diabetic retinopathy (37.5%), 1 case was secondary to trauma (12.5%). The duration between the occurence of hemorrhage and application of laser posterior hyaloidotomy was 2- 10 days (mean 6 days). Applied energy level was 4- 7 mJ and pulse number was between 1- 5. Mean follow up time was 12 ± 3.6 months.


After Nd: YAG laser hyaloidotomy hemorrhage drained into the vitreous cavity in 7 patients Visual acuity improved to 0.8-1.0 in 5 patients and 0.6-0.7 in 2 patients from hand motions. One diabetic eye required early pars plana vitrectomy. No complications has been observed during the application of laser and at follow up period.


Early Nd: YAG laser posterior hyaloidotomy is an easy and cost effective treatment alternative for the drainage of premacular subhyaloid hemorrhage into the vitreous cavity.

Keywords: Subhyaloid hemorrhage, Nd: YAG laser