• Hakan Özdemir
  • Fevzi Sentürk
  • Serra Arf
  • Murat Karaçorlu

Received Date: 15.01.2011 Accepted Date: 30.09.2011 Turk J Ophthalmol 2011;41(6):401-406

Visual acuity is still considered the gold standard in clinical practice of vision testing, but it does not entirely reflect functional vision. Therefore, we need other functional tests to perform more detailed assessment of macular function in retinal diseases. A test of visual function which may help to better understand the characteristics of visual loss in retinal diseases could be microperimetry. With microperimetry, retinal fixation and macular sensitivity may be accurately tested, with strict correspondence between visual parameters and macular morphology. In this paper, we review the literature regarding the results of microperimetry. Results on known diseases and reproducibility of the technique were published, but a lot of research was also performed on the combination of different examination methods. (Turk J Ophthalmol 2011; 41: 401-6)

Keywords: Microperimetry, visual field, macular disease, macular function, fixation

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