Case Report

Endoscopic Management Of Subperiosteal Orbital Abscess As Sinusitis Complication; A Case Report

  • Zafer Onaran
  • Pelin Yılmazbaş
  • Osman Kürşat Arıkan
  • Ahmet Ergin

Turk J Ophthalmol 2009;39(4):306-309


We aimed to emphasize the diagnosis and treatment of subperiosteal orbital abscess secondary to acute sinusitis.


A 9-year-old patient referred to our clinic complaining pain and swelling in his left eye for three days. There were proptosis, chemosis, eyelid edema and ocular motility restriction on examination, therefore magnetic resonance imaging was performed with the diagnosis of orbital cellulites and left paranasal sinusitis and subperiosteal orbital abscess were reported.


As the medical management failed the patient was successfully treated with endoscopic sinus surgery and abscess drainage.


Endoscopic approach should be considered as the first choice when surgery is indicated in the subperiosteal orbital abscess cases.

Keywords: Subperiosteal orbital abscess, acute sinusitis, endoscopic management