Original Article

Correlation of Biomicroscopic Findings with Confocal Microscopy in Eyes with Amiodarone-Induced Cornea Verticillata


  • Emine Kaya
  • Suzan Güven Yilmaz
  • Melis Palamar Onay
  • Sait Egrilmez
  • Ayse Yagci

Received Date: 07.07.2013 Accepted Date: 16.09.2013 Turk J Ophthalmol 2014;44(1):63-67


To investigate the correlation between biomicroscopic and confocal microscopic findings in eyes with amiodarone-induced cornea verticillata.

Materials and Methods:

Sixteen eyes of 8 patients with amiodarone-induced cornea verticillata were evaluated. Eyes with keratopathy were staged according to Orlando slit-lamp microscopy classification. Confocal laser-scanning microscopy was performed by Rostock cornea modulated to HRT II (Heidelberg Engineering GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany), and staging was done according to Falke’s classification that is based on the degree of epithelial basal cell deposit accumulation. The relation between biomicroscopic staging and corneal involvement detected on confocal microscopy was assessed by Spearman correlation analysis.


The mean age of the 8 patients (5 male, 3 female) was 63.1±7.2 (50 to 69) years. The mean duration of drug treatment was 12.1±11.8 (3 to 36) months, and the mean drug treatment dose was 312.5±223.2 (100 to 800) mg/day. At the time of examination, 50% of the patients had already given up the treatment at a mean of 29.5±15.8 (6 to 40) months ago, whereas the other 50% were still on amiodarone therapy. Hyper-reflecting deposits were observed in the basal epithelium, anterior-, mid-and deep-stroma, and in the endothelium on confocal microscopic examination. Correlation was detected between biomicroscopic and confocal microscopic stages (r=0.770, p<0.001). Frequency of detecting deposits in the stroma and endothelium was found to be increasing as the biomicroscopic stage increased (r=0.844; p<0.001 and r=0.551; p<0.01, respectively).


In amiodarone-induced cornea verticillata, correlated results were detected between biomicroscopic and confocal microscopic staging. Therefore, in clinics where confocal microscopy is not available, biomicroscopic staging can be used as a guiding parameter in eyes with amiodarone-induced cornea verticillata.

Keywords: Amiodarone-induced, keratopathy, confocal, microscopy, cornea verticillata

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