Original Article

Comparison of Technolas and Allegretto laser in situ keratomileusis outcomes in hyperopia

  • Faik Oruçoğlu
  • Mahir Kendüsim
  • Abraham Solomon
  • Buket Ayoğlu
  • Berrin Toksü
  • Joseph Frucht Pery
  • Sinan Göker

Received Date: 14.06.2009 Accepted Date: 12.09.2009 Turk J Ophthalmol 2009;39(6):436-440


In this two-center retrospective study, 50 consecutively treated hyperopic eyes that had LASIK by the Technolas were compared to 42 eyes treated with the Allegretto excimer laser. Inclusion criteria were spherical equivalent up to 4.00 diopters (D) of sycloplegic hyperopia, with minimum follow up of 12 months.


The mean spherical equivalent manifest refraction was +2.5±0.8 D in Technolas and 2.37±0.81 D in Allegretto preoperatively and -0.06 ±0.67 D and -0.03 ±0.41 D respectively at the last visit (p=0.317 and 0.615).The mean optical zone was 6.0±0.1mm and 6.8±0.2mm for Tecnolas and Allegretto and the required mean ablation depth was 68.8±21.5 and 58.2±16.4_, respectively (p0.05). The mean preoperative BCVAwas 0.92±0.15 and 0.96±0.1 respectively, and 0.94±0.1 and 0.97±0.1 postoperatively (p=0.157 and 0.201). At the postoperative last visit, the percentage of eyes with UCVA ≥ 20/25, accuracy of treatment within ±0.5 D, loss of ≥ 1 lines and gain of ≥ 1 lines BSCVAfor the Technolas and Allegretto, respectively was: 55.8% vs. 69%, 69% vs. 78.7%, 11.4% vs. 4.8% and 19.2% vs. 16.7%. The safety index was 1.03±0.12 for Tecnolas and 1.01±0.05 for Allegretto (p=0.409) and efficacy index was 0.87±0.21 and 0.90±0.16, respectively (p=0.444).


To compare visual outcome measurements in LASIK for hyperopia using the Technolas and Allegretto excimer laser.

Keywords: LASIK, Hyperopia

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