Original Article

Accommodative IOL Implantation in Cataract Surgery


  • Zeki Tunç
  • Firat Helvacioglu
  • Sadik Sencan
  • Saban Simsek

Received Date: 19.02.2012 Accepted Date: 30.04.2012 Turk J Ophthalmol 2012;42(4):257-262


To analyze the visual functions of patients who had cataract operation and accommodative intraocular lens (IOL) implantation.

Ma­te­ri­al and Met­hod:

Simultaneous bilateral phacoemulsification and Crystalens HD accommodative IOL implantation were performed to 30 eyes of 15 patients who had come to our clinic with bilateral cataracts. Dominant eyes were planned to be emmetropic and non-dominant eyes were planned to be 0.75 diopters (D) myopic. Postoperative early examinations and 3 month-interval routine eye and refractive examinations were performed. Mean follow-up time was 23.1±2.6 months. Uncorrected and far corrected, monocular and binocular far and near visual acuities were analyzed.


At the first postoperative month, mean spherical and cylinder refractions were 0.00±1.03 D and -0.82±0.47 D, respectively. Mean uncorrected and corrected monocular near visual acuities were 0.05±0.92 and 0.13±0.92 logMAR (logarithm of minimum angle of resolution), respectively. Mean uncorrected and corrected binocular near visual acuities were 0.03±1.00 and 0.10±1.00 logMAR, respectively. Statistically significant differences were observed between the uncorrected and corrected, monocular and binocular near visual acuities (p=0.004, p=0.005, respectively). Results of first month postoperative examinations were compared with the results of 6-, 12-, and 18-month examinations - no statistically significant difference was observed (p>0.05).


As a result of simultaneous bilateral accommodative IOL implantations, significant increase was observed in the near visual acuities of the patients in the early postoperative period and at 18-month follow-up visit. We believe that binocular implantation of these kinds of accommodative IOLs to appropriate patients would increase the patient satisfaction. (Turk J Ophthalmol 2012; 42: 257-62)

Keywords: Accommodative intraocular lens, crystalens HD, cataract surgery

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