Case Report

A Rare Conjunctivitis Case: External Ophthalmomyiasis


  • Murat Köksal
  • Salih Altun
  • Halil Bayer

Received Date: 05.06.2013 Accepted Date: 31.10.2013 Turk J Ophthalmol 2014;44(4):316-318

Oestrus ovis is the most common cause of external ophthalmomyiasis. This infection typically occurs in shepherds and farmers in rural areas. Ophthalmomyiasis occurs usually during spring or summer. It is often misdiagnosed as acute viral or allergic conjunctivitis. The definitive diagnosis is based on the detection of oestrus ovis larvae at clinical examination. In our country, this infection should be kept in mind by ophthalmologist in unilateral cases of conjunctivitis.

Keywords: Conjunctivitis, oestrus ovis, ophthalmomyiasis

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